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The Web Design Course at the Academy of Web Design is a fully Comprehensive Web Design Course
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Web Design Course

The web design training course offered by the Academy of Web Design is specially designed to give you all the benefits of an in-classroom experience for less than one-quarter of the normal price of other web design schools.

Our video based web design course is specially designed to teach the things other web designer courses leave out!

How Does our Web Design Training work?

You watch the web design course video on your computer screen and pause to follow along in real time. You can work at your own pace, or follow our specially designed web design course structure.

Why is our Web Design Training Better?

The Academy’s web design course is designed to take anyone from ground zero, and teach them everything they need to know about web page building and marketing professional custom web sites, and running their own successful web site or web design business. Our prices are lower, our training program is better, and our courses are created by the best teacher in the Bay Area.

When you learn web design, just learning HTML is not enough. Most professional classes teach you to operate a few programs, and then send you on your way. Of course, we do teach the most current professional programs, like Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop, but in our special at-home web design course we also teach:

You'll Learn Web Design Specific Design Principles and Advanced Research

Using our methods, you don't have to be an graphic artist to design beautiful web sites. A computer can be a great help with artistry. However you do have to be able to recognize when something looks good, and you have to be willing to follow our custom design research method taught in the “Research Web Design Course”.

Client Acquisition and Pricing Strategies Web Design Course

Most businesses feel pressure to have a professional looking web site, which means that they often either need a new one built from scratch, or they need their old amateur-looking web site rebuilt. Because of this "web pressure" there's lots of work out there for an independent web designer, if you know where and how to look.

The Academy’s web design course will teach you how to develop a professional portfolio and how to use it to get work. You'll learn no-pressure ways to find, approach, and get business clients. The web design course will take you through the "client meeting" process so you can easily show perspective clients how the web site you'll build will be a valuable money making tool for their business. You'll learn how to price web design jobs and how to show clients the profitable value in a professionally built web site.

Some business owners even utilize our program because it's much less expensive to learn to build and market your own site than it is to hire a real professional to do it for you!

You'll Learn Search Engine Placement and Marketing

You can have the most beautiful web site in the world, but if no one can find it, it doesn't do anyone any good. The Academy's web design course will teach you the secrets of successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Placement. Most web designers have no clue about how Search Engine Marketing really works, but after you finish the web design course it'll be one of your biggest assets. Who doesn't want their site to rank high in the search engines?

Learn Web Design Project Management

Web sites are big projects. If you don't know how to step-by-step your way through the site building process you'll waste time, energy, and may become totally overwhelmed! Web page construction is something you can do in your spare time, if you know how to plan using cutting edge project management software! Our web design course will show you how.

Learn Web Design Psychology

During your web design course, you'll learn research-proven psychology behind building professional good-looking and easy to use web interfaces that sell. You'll also learn all about Internet tools that allow you to deconstruct and analyze other professional sites so you can learn from the masters instead of fumbling on your own.


See about us for more info on our web design course. You might also want to check out the FAQ


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